UpSide.413 offers comprehensive Housing and Legal Counseling services to tenants, homeowners, and rental property owners throughout Berkshire County. Our mission is to provide expert advice, support, and resources to help our community navigate the complexities of housing and legal issues with confidence and clarity.

UpSide413 is Berkshire County’s only HUD-certified and approved Housing Counseling Agency, with HUD-certified Housing Counselors.
Our services cover a wide range of topics, ensuring that all aspects of housing and legal concerns are addressed:

  • Termination of Tenancies/Evictions: Guidance on legal procedures and rights for both landlords and tenants.
  • Landlord/Tenant Rights and Responsibilities: Information on the obligations and entitlements of both parties to foster fair and respectful relationships.
  • Security Deposit Law: Assistance with understanding and complying with laws regarding the handling and return of security deposits.
  • Fair Housing Laws: Ensuring compliance with regulations designed to prevent discrimination in housing.
  • Reasonable Accommodation Requirements: Support in making and responding to requests for accommodations.
  • State Sanitary Code Requirements: Information on maintaining properties to meet health and safety standards.
  • Quiet Enjoyment Laws: Protecting the rights of tenants to peacefully enjoy their homes without undue disturbance.
  • Utility Issues: Assistance with disputes and regulations concerning utilities.
  • Lead Paint Law: Guidance on compliance with laws aimed at preventing lead poisoning.

We are committed to empowering our community members by providing the knowledge and support necessary to address their housing and legal needs. Whether you are a tenant facing eviction, a landlord navigating legal responsibilities, or a homeowner dealing with utility issues, our team is here to help you.



Our staff has a diverse range of backgrounds and expertise that sustain our collaborative approach to assisting communities. Find out more and connect with individual Upside413 staff members.